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A Minute in My Life

I’m in the kitchen. On the stove is a relatively healthy dinner–chicken, broccoli, rice.

I’m fantasizing about the banana cake with cream cheese icing in the fridge.

I glance outside. Sunny. Good. A few minutes ago it looked kind of dark, and I have clothes on the line.

Downstairs I hear the kids playing. My husband’s keeping an eye on them, but I still keep an ear tuned in. I can’t help it. It’s the mommy-thing.


I am privileged to be part of two wonderful group blogs as well as hosting my personal blog. With focuses on everything from history to musings to writing, there’s something for everyone!


Have I mentioned that I love history? Whether you’re looking for romance, intrigue, or biblical settings, I’ve got titles that combine history with faith waiting for you!

Ordinary Heroes

What I love about the Culper Ring is that they weren’t specially-trained spies. No James Bonds or Jason Bournes. No action heroes with razor-sharp instincts. They were just people like you and me. People who changed the world by actively looking for a way to help their neighbors, their compatriots, their country.

Do you know an Ordinary Hero? Someone who inspires you with their service? Someone who uses the position the Lord has put them, whatever it may be, to look for ways to help? You can honor them through my Ordinary Heroes movement!